Sliding Door – Aluminium Case & Aluminium and PVC Frame – Without Step

Portfolio Description

Usage Areas:

Cold storage , Cold rooms  ; Product freezing rooms , Shock production chambers , Hotels, Medicine  Storage rooms ,  Medical materials & Waste plants ,   Air conditioning rooms , Food  facilities  such  as meat  , Cheese,

Milk , Production facilities , Warehouses ,Factories , Painthouses,Women’s health & beauty centers  ,Garbage processing plants , Morgues , Frigolu vehicles ,Gsm booths ,Telecommunication base station centers ,Hygiene areas , Restaurants ,Food production facilities,Pastries ,Hot rooms , Integrated production facilities  , Pc server rooms , Vegetable & fruit processing plants , Pickles , Tomato Paste production facilities , Hospitals , Operating theaters , Fish production & processing plants , Clearing stations , Chemical laboratories .

Doors Special Solutions:

  • Doors are easy & fast to mounted , & easy to maintain
  • The area to be used is produced according to your needs
  • Includes special accessories developed according to every need
  • It has a system to be installed according to each wall type
  • It has the feature of keeping the thermal insulation at maximum level
  • we use Package with strength packaging system
  • Sliding type doors are produced from heat bridged profiles.maximizes

Environment and User Friendly:

  • Clean design
  • Does not contain bacteria
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High-pressure accessories
  • Manufacturing with environmentally friendly products
  • Maximum energy saving
  • Durable materials
  • High vapor proof sealing system
  • Quiet and smooth operation

Technical Details

  • In general, sliding door models are not standard in the world.
  • Minimum           :    100 cm Width   * 100 cm High * 80 mm thickness (wing / blade size)
  • Maximum          :     300 cm Width  * 500 cm High * 80 mm thickness (wing / blade size)
  • Maximum          :     500 cm Width  * 300 cm High * 80 mm thickness (wing / blade size)

* Maximum door dimensions can be made by considering the international transportation standards. Measures can be made in the desired size in the areas to be applied on-site.

** Maximum dimensions can be increased for Opentop containers and truck transport.

Room temperature range door to use: NEGATIVE – 50°C / POSITIVE 80°C

Door type: Sliding  door

Door Blade ( wing )Thickness: 80 mm

Door Blade ( wing ) sheet feature: Door sheet  are coatings with scratch protection surface with pvc films 100-200 µ micron / 0,50 mm x 0,70 mm (minimum) hot dipped galvanized coil coating painted steel

 Door Blade (wing) sheet quality: dx51d + z – EN 10327 – Standards

Door Blade (wing) insulation features: Polyol + Izocsiyanate = Polyurethane

Insulation density: 40 – 45 kg / m3   – EN 1602 Standards

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient: λ = 0,022 W/mK   – EN 13162

Fire Classification: PUR – B-s1, d0 EN 13501-1/PIR  B-s1, d0 EN 13501-1 ( optionally )

Door Blade (wing) color suggested: Standard models Ral 9002 – Different colors optional PVDF (Polyvinylidene Floride) Painted Galvanized sheet

Door Insulation Gaskets: Double Density Component with Epdm & Pvc Combination  Suitable for use in the thermal temperature range between 65°C & + 150 °C. As used in food & living areas , it’s in compliance with 21.CFR 177.2600 specifications & quality standards . the gasketed U polyamide support are used by us for the first time in the World , it’s ensured that the gaskets are 100 % fully pressed against the door sill .

Door Blade (wing) Case: DIN 50049-2.2./EN 10204-3.1.B.Anodized aluminum profile in Polyamide heat bridge according to the unit where the door is used or without bridges Frames first in the world . It’s implemented by us . this system, even if there is a power failure in the doors where the heater is installed 100% it will be prevented door freezing.

Door Outer Handle: There are 2 types of wings ( blade ) located on the outside of the door which provides a comfortable opening of the doors . According to the dimensions of the door & according to the customer requirements are applied either individually . The large opening lever is made of aluminum & stainless materials. 2. The holding drawbar PA 6.6 (Polyamide 6.6) is produced at 30% GF standards.

Door Inner Handle: In dark rooms , In order to make the door opening handle easier & to facilitate the exit, the phosphor (shiny) marked PVC body has the inner handle with aluminum handle . Two arm application is made according to the door size.

Door Top Rail (slider) System: Aluminum top rail for easy opening & closing of doors System is available . Worldwide except Germany & Italy are also working with several companies that are manufacturing in Turkey doors reverse single rail system. While the reverse rail system provides ease of installation , the main purpose is 100% acceptance in terms of work safety rules worldwide . Thanks to this system , the doors do not fall on people in any impact or misuse . Sliding door production system DIN 50049-2.2./EN 10204-3.1.B standards of anodized aluminum profiles are composed of Gaskets have a special system that can be pressed sideways & above . And it has an aesthetic appearance as it hides the mechanism running on the door . Doors run quietly inside the room . No sagging, No breaking.

Door Top Rail Stops: There are L door stops at the top & End of the door to prevent the door from coming off the top rail . It’s produced from aluminum profile materials according to DIN 50049-2.2./EN 10204-3.1.B. They are equipped with sound & speed cut-out rubber stop.

Door Top Rail  Wheels: ZnAl27Cu2 in accordance with EN 12844 standards Zamak 27 materials are used in heavy industry around the World . Top wheel carriers with double-ball steel ball bearings When we use a plastic material system , we use steel roller bearing , zamak 27 rib rotors and reverse system upper rail wheels consisting of aluminum anodized parts in DIN 50049-2.2./EN 10204-3.1.B standards. You can adjust the irregularities in the units & the floor by means of this system  You can provide the full insulation of your door by completing all the process. to the excellent acoustics , the doors are quiet & easy to open & close.

Door Bottom Rail: DIN 50049-2.2./EN 10204-3.1.B standards include anodized aluminum coated V sub-rail system . it provides closing of the door with the top + bottom rail system by providing 100% sealing from the bottom . The door lower rail system operates in parallel with the overflow system & the doors are lifted up when the doors are opened + presses down when closing to this system , insulation is kept at maximum level.

Door Bottom Rail Slider: Pvc Appearance PA 6.6 (Polyamide 6.6) is an aesthetic rail slide channel with 30% GF standards . It’s mounted 5 cm outwards in the opening direction of the door . it’s internal channel , it enables the door bottom rail to open & close easily.

Door Front interlock: Door pre-interlock is produced in male logic with PA 6.6 (Polyamide 6.6) 30% GF standards . It’s aesthetic door closers with PVC look. 2-part clamping mechanism 1 piece on the door + 1 part is mounted on the door jamb or closing direction on the unit . Both parts are interlocked in the door closure & 100% insulation is supported by allowing the door seals to fully press into the moldings.

Door Front frame: Anodized 100% to DIN 50049-2.2./EN 10204-3.1.B Standardsgerman designed against frost , maximum heat insulation polyamide barrier aluminum moldings These frame Door aluminum on the front surface , the frame  part inside the unit are PVC  frame . It’s preferred in units where heat Escape & freezing is desired to be at maximum level.

Door Rear Frame: 2 types of rear frame can be applied according to the wall thickness of the door to be mounted . It has 2 models in aluminum & PVC . Since the rear frames do not carry loads, they are applied only for image aesthetics.

Door Opening System: Sliding doors are mainly operated as manual option . Detailed information on sliding doors as well as motorized sliding doors are in the section.

Resistance (heating cable ): 220 Volt It can be connected directly . It can work within the range of – 70 ° C to + 200 ° C Maximum degree.

The viewing Window: Surveillance windows are the window system for viewing the inside & outside. Fiber glass is made of hard & transparent material & Epdm flexible seals 100% leak-proof . ( Optional )

Door bumper plate: Aluminum or Pvc Thick  absorber materials applied on the inside or outside of the door on the lower parts of the door in frequently used & impacted areas are called bumper . bumpers  are available as optional in cold room doors . In addition to aluminum material or PVC plate absorbers , stainless steel 304 quality thick sheet application can be made.

Door Lock: 100% leak-proof & frost-free door lock that can be locked from the outside . PA 6.6 ( Poliamid 6.6 )  % 30  GF we manufacturing in standards .Dark rooms In order to detect the door lock & facilitate the output , it’s marked with phosphorus (bright). ( optıonal )

Over 30 pieces. colors are Available

304 quality chrome stainless sheet  blade

Door Lock

Vewing window

Bumper plate

PIR Polyurethane

Automatic door closers

Provides maximum thermal insulation .

It can be opened wider (forklift, truck, truck, container, pallet ) provides great convenience in the transition.

It provides to prevent heat losses by opening it to the desired extent in periods when big product loading is not done.

  • Has an aesthetic & ergonomic look .
  • Saves time & space .
  • Single wing application saves cost thanks to its functional suitability in required areas.

One-wing sliding sliding doors provide maximum advantage to the high insulation system, which allows you to use your unit components easily for many years with minimum payment convenience.

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