Monorail Channel Hinged Door – Aluminium Case & PVC Frame – Without Step

Portfolio Description

Usage areas:

Cold storage, Cold rooms; Product freezing rooms, Shock production chambers, Hotels, Medicine  Storage rooms,  Medical materials & Waste plants, Air conditioning rooms, Food  facilities  such  as meat, Cheese, Milk, Production facilities, Warehouses, Factories, Painthouses, Women’s health & beauty centers, Garbage processing plants, Morgues, Frigolu vehicles, Gsm booths, Telecommunication base station centers, Hygiene areas, Restaurants, Food production facilities, Pastries, Hot rooms, Integrated production facilities, Pc server rooms, Vegetable & fruit processing plants, Pickles, Tomato Paste production facilities, Hospitals, Operating theaters, Fish production & processing plants, Clearing stations, Chemical laboratories.

Doors Special Solutions:

  • Doors are easy & fast to mounted & easy to maintain
  • The area to be used is produced according to your needs
  • Includes special accessories developed according to every need
  • It has a system to be installed according to each wall type
  • It has the feature of keeping the thermal insulation at maximum level
  • We use Package with strength packaging system
  • Recessed type doors

Environment and User Friendly:

  • Clean design
  • Does not contain bacteria
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High-pressure accessories
  • Manufacturing with environmentally friendly products
  • Maximum energy saving
  • Durable materials
  • High vapor proof sealing system
  • Quiet and smooth operation

Technical Details

  • 75 cm width * 180 cm High * 80 mm thickness ( wing or blade size)
  • 90 cm width * 190 cm High * 80 mm thickness ( wing or blade size)
  • 100 cm width * 200 cm High * 80 mm thickness ( wing or blade size)
  • 110 cm width * 190 cm High * 80 mm thickness ( wing or  blade size)
    • Minimum: 40 cm Width * 40 cm High * 80 mm thickness (wing/blade size)
    • Maximum: 1,5 m Width * 3 m High * 80 mm thickness (wing/blade size)


    *The maximum door dimensions are calculated by considering the load bearing system of the PVC Frame

    ** Measures can be made in the desired size in the areas to be applied on-site.

    *** The prices vary for models other than standard size.

Room temperature range door to use: NEGATIVE – 50 °C / POSITIVE 80 °C

Door type: Monarail Hinged door

Door Blade ( wing )Thickness: 80 mm

Door Blade ( wing ) sheet feature: Door sheet  are coatings with scratch protection surface with PVC  films 100-200 µ micron / 0,50 mm x 0,70 mm (minimum) hot dipped galvanized coil coating painted steel 10142

Door Blade (wing) sheet quality: dx51d + z – EN 10327 – Standards

Door Blade (wing) insulation features: Polyol + Izocsiyanate = Polyurethane

Insulation density: 40 – 45 kg/m3 – EN 1602 Standards

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient: λ = 0,022 W/mK – EN 13162

Fire Classification: PUR – B-s1, d0 EN 13501-1 / PIR  B-s1, d0 EN 13501-1  ( optionally )

Door Blade (wing) color suggested: Standard models Ral 9002 – Different colors optional PVDF (Polyvinylidene Floride) Painted Galvanized sheet

Door Insulation Gaskets: Double Density Component with Epdm & Pvc Combination. Suitable for use in the thermal temperature range between 65 ° C & + 150 ° C. As used in food & living areas, it’s in compliance with 21.CFR 177.2600 specifications & quality standards. Corner gaskets used by us for the first time in the world do not require welded gaskets. Withstep (threshold) & without step (non threshold) are Provides 100% sealing on all models

Door wing ( blade ) Case: DIN 50049-2.2./EN 10204-3.1.B Standards. in Anodized aluminum profile

Door Lock: 100% leak-proof & frost-free door lock that can be locked from the outside. PA 6.6 (Poliamid 6.6) % 30 GF we manufacturing in standards. Dark rooms in order to detect the door lock & facilitate the output, it’s marked with phosphorus (bright).

Door hinges: The door hinges have a system that opens up when the door is opened & a downward system while closing. This system ensures maximum insulation of the door. The hinges can be used in different quantities according to the area to be used & at least 2 according to the door size. It works silently No sagging , No breaking.

Door Front Frame: In accordance with the working principles of Cold Storage, they are produced in maximum quality at aesthetic, ergonomic & flexible to be used at +80 ° C – 60 ° C. It’s designed with 100% German technology at doors with negative & positive values. It’s made of PVC raw material imported from 1st class quality according to European norms. Cold room door frame is so strong that screw buldeks & bolt are applicat easily on the surface. The monorail channel is in the upper part of the front. It’s applied as standard in the middle of the door. According to the monorail system located in the area where the door will be installed, a monorail channel can be opened with the special production technique.

 Door Rear frame: 2 types of rear moldings can be applied according to the wall thickness of the door to be mounted . It has 2 models in aluminum & PVC . Since the rear frames do not carry loads, they are applied only for image aesthetics.

Door opening system: The monarail hinged doors are only opened & closed manually. They can be switched off semi-automatically & automatically with external accessories. But door should be opening manual.

Resistance (heating cable ): 220 Volt it can be connected directly . It can work within the range of – 70 ° C to + 200 ° C Maximum degree.

The viewing Window: Surveillance windows are the window system for viewing the inside & outside. Fiber glass is made of hard & transparent material & Epdm flexible seals 100% leak-proof  (Optional).

Door bumper plate: Aluminum or Pvc Thick  absorber materials applied on the inside or outside of the door on the lower parts of the door in frequently used & impacted areas are called bumper . Bumpers  are available as optional in cold room doors. In addition to aluminum material or PVC plate absorbers, stainless steel 304 quality thick sheet application can be made.

Over 30 pieces. colors are Available

304 quality chrome stainless sheet  blade

Viewing window

Over 2 pieces of hinge

Bumper plate

PIR Polyurethane

Automatic door closers

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