Inova Yapı has been working since 2007 in Menderes-İzmir.

• We have a great human resources denoted with thousands and generated with different nationalities at lots of point in the world.
• We are a big family and our roots spread to all over the world… As individuals in this family, for a common future, we are trying to move every brand of Inova Group to more advanced points in the world arena.
• Association, faith and development… we know that Inova Family, obtaining its strength from these words, will continuo always and in all conditions to offer the best and to be the best.

Inova Group Human Resources; make up the principle of being a good example community which consists Human Resources management approach adaptation of world class in all sectors, to work in Inova Yapı and the proud of working in this community…
The prerequisite of this project is:

• We work with qualified colleagues who are solution oriented, who are developers and while doing so who can say “We” instead of “I”.
• We, create high fidelity with transparent organization structure which is sincere and based on open communication.
• We, educate leaders who recognize and adopt Inova’s culture, who manage our institutions according to our group’s principle, values and needs and who can suggest alternation and realize them.
• We invest in development areas of our staff, we create a strong human resource with the aim of providing personal development and reaching institutional improvement.
• We provide our employees contemporary living standards with opportunities that we offer.

For people;
• Reliable,
• Sensitive towards others,
• Devoted to ethical values,
• Open to changes,
• Focused on market, entrepreneur, different from ordinary, thinking multidimensional,
• Innovative,
• Defining compulsive aims and working with high tempo to reach them.
• Open to collaboration and with participating profile
Inova Yapi aims to be a community in which working is privileged.



If you are eligible from the above positions, please send your CV to us by using the form below. We will return to you as soon as possible.