- 25 years experience in Germany.

- Our products all parts are manufactured by INOVA.

- We import 90 %materials from Germany.

- Delivering Scheduled And Delivery Period.

- 7 days 24 hours emergency services.

- High Profits For Our All Our Customers.

The most important item that should be cared is ; the doors won't effect from dust,heat and sound as on cold room doors,food,garbages,laboratory and server rooms.

- 75 cm weight*180 cm height

- 90 cm weight*190cm height

- 110 cm weight *190 cm height The models with these dimensions are manufactured by INOVA.

The cold rooms are manufactured generally with standart dimensions. so this prevents high mold costs and labor cost. Thus provides more economical prices. If you want he doors with different dimensions we can provide also.

The cold room without door step is; if there is a equivalence between out corridor and room's inner height , we apply frames to theree edges of rooms( right-left-up). so this is the door withour door step.

- The trans palette - system and drift will easier on the door-steps.

- The door gaskets are on the left side - up side - right side and under the door there is mopboard gaskets. The higher of our units that the lower of inner units. So the door with door-step is prefered.

- For preventing the freezing of door gaskets.

- For a better working of your doors.

* But the most important item about that topic ; the heater should be bound directly to city electric for less costs.

- The first thing to determine to which rotate the door will open. This is for product -trans.

**the hinge is where, the door will open to there.

- The door opens to outside and locks from out. for preventing emergency situations we use phosohorous inner arms. - Only there is difference on 2 leaves sliding doors. The door which is manufactured only by us in Tukey ; one leave opens to right and other one opens to left.

Please let us know what is the dimensions of mounting areas.

- Our 15 years experience and the door models over 80.000 manufactured by us showed that every place is different to each otherfor mounting. Inova claims that his doors can mounted to anywhere . This claiming's source is that we have made 250 different moulding with out thousands search&development tests.

- Unfortunately there are differences of cooling sector between world and our country. Just about you can search these sector's from internet also. But sometimes for consummating the professional sale some companies behave like this.  for a succesfull consequence and usage actively , you should buy your pannels from pannel manufacturers and doors from door manufacturers. and this will show 20% profits on your door purchasings.

- There are 3 big companies who can manufacture the best doors. Unfortunately the other manufacture copies. ıf you demand your requirements from that 3 companies, you will see that the prices are almost same. So , what are the reasons of these differences?

- Because the cheaper doors are manufactured with downer polyurethane than 42 density.after a short time , this lack of polyurethane causes 20% energy dissipations and down falling on doors. on the other hand the quality of metal sheet effects the prices.We use qualified switches and hinges  so our products are usefull and aesthetics.We use double competents insulation glaves. If you find a cheaper product at same quality of Inova's doors , we will back pay.. And this claim shows that how we trust on our products.

-If there are requirements of doors and any accessories of them we will respond your demands in a shortly time.

On sliding doors and sliding door with personal door and 2 leaves sliding doors; we manufacture untill 5 m weight and 5 m height. because our bridges are less than 5 m.

On that topic firstly you will choice your door and you will determines , it is suitable for your requirement . If there is a door bigger than your requirement it will cause high costs and energy dissipations.

İs a smaller door than your requirement , will cause high costs after the service sale.

Forklift and trans - palet are thought and a new location can be designed about that. INOVA YAPI determines the location which will used by you. and designs the most suitable model for you.

Hinged door with flap gates?

- The certain dimensions of room .

- The rotate of door flop-gates.

- Door step -with out door step

- Degree of it (+), (-)

- The tickness of pannels or walls.

Sliding door

- The certain dimensions of room .

- Rotation of door .

- The certain dimensions of room area to where the door opens

- The certain dimensions of room area of inner side.

- The certain dimensions between room surface and cap.

- Degree of it (+), (-)

- The tickness of pannels or walls.

On the hinged doors which will applied on it ;

- The dimensions of hinged doors

- The opening rotation of hinged doors.

- We determines the items that is shown above and in addition to that we send a schematic and we manufacture on your demands which dimensions are given us.

Two leaves sliding doors

- The certain dimensions of room .

- The certain dimensions of the opening left and right areas.

- The certain dimensions of door empties and caps

- Degree of it (+), (-)

- The tickness of pannels or walls.