Air conditioning (air conditioning) In buildings equipped with new technology, the words air conditioning systems and air conditioning are heard very often. So, what is this air conditioning or air conditioning in other words. It is most commonly referred to as the process of automatically controlling atmospheric conditions during the production of humans, animals and plants or an industrial product for comfort. In practice, air conditioning is the process of heating, cooling, humidifying or dehumidifying the air, in other words, conditioning it. In air conditioning systems, the aim can be explained as providing the environments where human animals and plants feel comfortable during living, working or at any moment and providing the atmospheric conditions necessary for the production of the product with the desired properties during the production of an industrial product. Air conditioningair condition and air conditioning in German.

Both the terms air conditioning and air conditioning are used in Turkish. In today’s conditions, air conditioning and air conditioning is an inevitable system for increasing the comfort and health conditions of the indoor spaces. In order to list the systems used in buildings during air conditioning; Split air conditioners, Chiller – Chillers Fan Coils Air Handling Units Exhaust Power Plants Humidification Devices Heating Systems Connected automation systems Connected piping and armature mechanical systems.

VAV – VRV – VAM systems… The term lendirme air conditioning çoğunlukla is mostly referred to the process of cooling and dehumidification for the comfort of the indoor air, mostly by cooling. In a broader sense, the term HVAC is also used for heating, cooling and ventilation or disinfection processes to improve the condition of the air. An air conditioner (AC or A / C in North American English, aircon in British and Australian English ) is a device, a system, or a mechanism that draws heat from the environment, mostly for comfort in buildings and transport vehicles, using a cooling cycle. The concept of air conditioning is known to be practiced in ancient Rome, where water from the aqueduct circulates on its walls to cool certain houses.

Similar techniques were used in the Middle Ages to cool buildings during the hot season with cisterns and wind towers in Iran .

Modern air conditioning 19 y y ‘ also came up with advances in chemistry and the first large-scale electrical air conditioning 1902 Willis Haviland was invented and used by Carrier.

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